If you think you can predict ahead of time what will be meaningful, then you're wrong.
Why the metrics we use to evaluate decisions are not the ones we should use to make them.
The case against my least favorite question of all time.
And a minor resolution about friendship.
Palentine's Day (feat. Robin Dunbar)When time is limited, friendships are often what we let go. That's a huge problem.
A cognitive science perspective on the pursuit of meaning in work, life, and relationships.
What I wish I'd known when applying to Oxford
#101: Finding meaning in the maybe (feat. John Kaag)Usually we try to avoid uncertainty. It's actually a crucial ingredient in meaning.
What can psychology tell us about meaning? (feat. Paul Bloom)Empirical evidence suggests people report some pursuits as more meaningful than others. Paul argues these pursuits are intrinsically meaningfully. I'm…
That's why scientists don't know how to study it.
#100: I interviewed 90+ scientists about their career. These are the 12 biggest lessons I learned.For my 100th podcast episode, I'm doing a Cognitive Revolution look-back.
I believe when someone writes a perfect book, it deserves to sell a gazillion copies.