My name is Cody, and I’m a PhD student in social psychology at Oxford. I write about psychology, travel, and the creative process, especially in writing and science. In my writing, I try to find an intersection between our theoretical understanding of the world and life as it’s actually lived. I believe that the point of life — one of them, anyway — is to appreciate as much of it as possible, as deeply as possible. When it comes to analysis, everything is fair game.

Here are a few of my favorite recent pieces:

I’ve also written a lot about graduate school, especially how to do it better and how it can be improved:

Some other miscellaneous pieces I love include:

I also host a podcast, called Cognitive Revolution. You find can a list of my favorite episodes here. These were three of the most fun:

By far my favorite form of writing is the travelogue. In 2020, I released a season of podcast called Notes from the Field, featuring my travel writing. Three of my favorite episodes from that season are:

An example of a more recent travelogue is my piece on football pitches in Oxford.

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(1) Re-Viewed — in which I revisit the works (books, podcasts, movies, etc) that have most influenced or inspired me. A couple teasers:

(2) Cog Rev Redux — in which I revisit old episodes of my podcast to give the backstory on my relationship with the guest and what from that conversation has stuck with me years later. Here are two freebees:

  • Paul Bloom

  • Steven Pinker

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Cody Kommers
Cody is a PhD student in social psychology at Oxford. He comes from Seattle.