Against Habit — essays by Cody Kommers.

Re-Viewed: "Heart of Darkness"The Congo, Anthony Bourdain, and the Nightmare of One's Choice.
Winter Round-up: Books, TV, & MoviesThis season's theme: leaning into more complicated narratives. Featuring — Jonathan Franzen, Cixin Liu, Rachel Cusk, Salley Rooney, Adam Grant, David…
Where Good Ideas Come FromCharles Duhigg says that habits will take you to the next level. But he isn't telling you the whole story. This is Exhibit A in the case against habit.
New Name!!I'm making some changes to the platform. The podcast is no longer Cognitive Revolution. I'm calling it: Against Habit.
These were the notes I took when the whole thing went down.
What chocolate chip cookies can tell us about how we should view ourselves—and others.
Two of the songs I find most emotionally moving, re-viewed.
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