Welcome to the Meaning Lab podcast. In each episode, I talk to a scientist, author, or artist about their approach to meaning-making — from language, to productivity, to writing, to travel. It's all fair game, as long as it gets us closer to understanding how we make sense of the world and our place in it.

What can psychology tell us about meaning? (feat. Paul Bloom)Empirical evidence suggests people report some pursuits as more meaningful than others. Paul argues these pursuits are intrinsically meaningfully. I'm…
Palentine's Day (feat. Robin Dunbar)When time is limited, friendships are often what we let go. That's a huge problem.
#103: Tired, scared, and busy: why can't we all just get along? (feat. Mónica Guzmán)Mónica Guzmán is a gift to world. We should all be listening to her.
#101: Finding meaning in the maybe (feat. John Kaag)Usually we try to avoid uncertainty. It's actually a crucial ingredient in meaning.
#100: I interviewed 90+ scientists about their career. These are the 12 biggest lessons I learned.For my 100th podcast episode, I'm doing a Cognitive Revolution look-back.
#99: There's a Reason You Can't Make Yourself Act like Everyone Else: You're Unique (feat. Chantel Prat)Especially if you've studied cognitive science, psychology, or neuroscience—you've probably underestimated just how not-like-everyone-else's your mind…
#98: A Cognitive Scientist Tries to Convince Me the Mind is Flat; I Don't Think He Succeeds (feat. Nick Chater)One cognitive scientist's provocative thesis asks us to rethink our most basic assumptions about the infrastructure of the mind. I think he's got a…
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