Notes from the Field

My name is Cody, and I'm a PhD student in social psychology at Oxford. As a psychologist, I'm fascinated by people and how they're shaped by their social environment. But I've always felt doing laboratory experiments isn't enough. If you really want to understand people, you have to go into the world to see how they really live. Whenever I go abroad, that's what I try to do. These are my Notes from the Field.

Introduction: "Dear Haily"Welcome to Season 1 of Notes from the Field with Cody Kommers. 
Chapter 10: Yangon, Pt IIChristmas in Myanmar, Part 2. "Oneeee... Twoo... Three!!"
Chapter 9: Yangon, Pt IChristmas in Myanmar. "Have you been to the third tree on the east-most corner of Lake Mwandishi?"
Chapter 8: Hong KongHong Kong — The Feeling of Returning. "My name is Dragon. You're so cute."
Chapter 7: LesothoThe Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. "All good vibes out there, bro."
Chapter 6: Victoria FallsA tourist in real Africa. “There’s an elephant behind you.”
Chapter 5: JohannesburgA tourist in cheater Africa. "Why is this guy pimping you out?"
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