Notes from the Field

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Introduction: "Dear Haily"Welcome to Season 1 of Notes from the Field with Cody Kommers.
Chapter 10: Yangon, Pt IIChristmas in Myanmar, Part 2. "Oneeee... Twoo... Three!!"
Chapter 9: Yangon, Pt IChristmas in Myanmar. "Have you been to the third tree on the east-most corner of Lake Mwandishi?"
Chapter 8: Hong KongHong Kong — The Feeling of Returning. "My name is Dragon. You're so cute."
Chapter 7: LesothoThe Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. "All good vibes out there, bro."
Chapter 6: Victoria FallsA tourist in real Africa. “There’s an elephant behind you.”
Chapter 5: JohannesburgA tourist in cheater Africa. "Why is this guy pimping you out?"
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